Why VW

Volkswagen Values

The real value of a Volkswagen goes beyond the sticker price. It’s all the little things like how it’s built, how it drives, and how safe you feel inside one.


It’s not just about power — it’s about precisely delivering that power exactly when and where you need it. Take it from a guy who runs triathalons and trains fellow athletes.

Turbocharged Engine*

No matter which Volkswagen you choose, they’re all built to perform. The turbocharged engine in the Golf GTI helps give you that extra push right when you need it the most. And it makes that awesome vroom sound to let you know when it kicks in.

Sports-tuned Suspension

Better handling and tighter cornering made your VW more athletic and even more fun to drive. We also give you bolstered seats to help make sure you stay put when you take those turns.


When something is designed beautifully and thoughtfully it becomes and indispensable part of your life. Even more so if you’re a designer yourself.

Interior Design

A purposeful interior with intuitive controls and a well-arranged layout may seem simple, but the thinking behind it is anything but.

Exterior Design

Strong and dynamic lines give VW models their uncomplicated, timeless look. Which is how we’ve been making them for years.


With a strong build, solid feel, and premium materials, Volkswagen quality is something that is instantly recognizable. And for this professional chef, it’s a quality ingredient that’s instantly appreciated.

Dual-Zone Climate Control*

Air conditioning lets you keep your cool. Dual-zone climate control lets both the driver and the passenger set the temperature that suits them best.

V-Tex Leatherette Seating*

Strong and dynamic lines give VW models their uncomplicated, timeless look. Which is how we’ve been making them for years.


Every Volkswagen is built to last. So you know it will be part of the family for a long time to come.


As a company we’re committed to designing cars that are Fuel-efficient*  without sacrificing any fun. Good thing there are others who share our clear vision of things.

Think Blue®

We’re committed to promoting sustainable mobility and environmentally conscious lifestyles in everything we do. We start with our cars. And then we join forces with organizations like Bikes Belong to extend our reach.


We’re not just building great Passat sedans at our LEED Platinum-certified facility. We’ve reduced the CO2 emissions in our paint process, restored creeks on the land to help manage storm runoff, and invested over $5 million in the surrounding community.


Each Volkswagen is engineered to help make you feel safe no matter where life leads you. Even if that’s parachuting out of airplanes for a living. That’s an endorsement we’ll take.

2012 IIHS Top Safety Picks*

With nine of our vehicles achieving this exceptional rating, it’s pretty clear that safety is one of our main priorities.

Active Safety

Active safety features kick in when you need them most to help you avoid an accident. Because the best kind of accident is one that never happens in the first place.

Passive Safety*

Engineered into every Volkswagen are passive safety features specially designed to help protect you during and immediately after an accident. They may be called passive but they take their jobs very seriously.